Friday, 28 October 2011

Pink Paints and more!

Anyone who knows me IRL knows that I cant resist a bargain.  My favourite word in the English language is sale, or clearance or words to that effect.  Although they are often derided, I still believe that there is no better place to get a bargain than a charity shop.  I've been off work for half term and decided to go for a bit of a rummage, and found loads of amazing things.  I'll blog about them later but I'm mega excited about this - possibly the deal of the century....  I love paint, hence the title of my blog.  Imagine my sheer delight when I found these lurking on the shelf of a charity shop in a little village that I stopped in to find a loo!

Farrow & Ball Bargain!
I bought six (only five are pictured) of fabulous Farrow & Ball paint.  Most are Oil Eggshell in pale colours, I also got a tin of ponting which is a nice cream shade and some undercoat.  Best of all all six tins cost me less than a fiver!  Happy days, I just need to spend the savings on something to paint now!

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