Sunday, 27 November 2011

Vintage School Desk Makeover

Sometimes you have all the good intentions in the world to start to create masterpieces but then life gets in the way.  Way back when in the summer (remember when it was actually warm?!) I bought this old desk and chair in a charity shop for a few pounds.  It was covered in deep scratches and graffiti at the time and a bizzare rainbow created by years of inkstains.  However, I thought it was charming, so charming that I promptly snatched it up and it sat, unloved in a corner, holding up my TV aerial for months

I still have a stock of gorgeous Annie Sloan paint left from the painting course that I went on a couple of weeks ago so finally last night, I popped the TV on and got to work.  The desk and chair were sanded lightly first and then given a couple of coats of Old White which I adore.  Then the masterplan was put into action.  Using Annie Sloan's Henrietta (pink) and Louis Blue I painted a Union Jack on the lift up lid of the desk.  Now I have to stress that I'm no artist.  I bet I'm the only person ever to drop out of GSCE Art because I just couldn't cope with it.  For this reason I'm sooooo very proud of my wobbly slightly uneven flag.  The desk and chair then had two coats of clear wax and job done.

What do you think?

Hope you are all having a great weekend!

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Home/Self Improvement

As the winter sets in =, Its almost like as the heat disappears so do my brain cells.  Is was getting into a lazy place, where I'd get up, go to work, come home, do more work then retreat to the sofa with a duvet, a takeaway and Corrie.  Don't knock it, I like that picture.  However there was just one little thing missing.  Instead of being the girl wrapped up an a duvet, I want to be wrapped up in a handmade blanket, like this lady...

Image:  All free crochet
I'd also like the totally white sofa too but I can dream.  Anyway, I found out that a museum not too far from my house was running a crochet course so I signed myself up straight away.  Its slow going but hopefully myself and my sofa will be draped in a cosy granny square blanket, before Christmas...